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SNC | Sexy oozing Cool

Russia’s paramount culture magazine ‘SNC‘ electrified readers and style junkies recently with an intensely sultry monochrome photo shoot for their July/August 2012 edition.



Russian nail stylist Elena Alekseeva set fire alarms ringing with her Minx skills, teaming Silver Lightning Minx to a wardrobe of Christian Louboutin, Agent Provocateur and *gasp* … diamonds,  for a spread of notable sexy,  oozing cool.



The second photographed feature in the magazine features Tease Me Red & Gold Minx Nails applied by Elena Chervyakova in a Katy Perry meets Coco Chanel shoot.  Pop!  Chic.


For more information about Minx Nails in Russia go to www.beautyu.ru/ or find them on Facebook  and VK.

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Kimmie Kyees – Psychedelic Funk

Get ready to feel ‘far out’ and stare into the a – maze that is Psychedelic Funk Minx Nails……yes, Kimmie Kyees brings us yet another scorcher of a design ready to sizzle the festival fashion world into a flurry of  desire.

Kimmie’s vision to mesmerize with the wavy greens and blues that swirl up to a peak, go in a circle, and flow out again, truly works a treat!  “It looks like there are all colors, shapes and dimensions,” she says, “so if you wear this design, be prepared to have people grabbing your hands so they can get a better look!”

Psychedelic Funk | Minx Nails by Kimmie Kyees

Undoubtedly, your nails would not have been missed within the 400,000 strong Woodstock 69 crowd.  So when your fingers are reaching for the stars in gratitude to your favourite artist’s this summer, be aware of the pied piper of peeps following your funk talons to the beats….!

Available from Minx Nails stylists or check out our gallery for more designs!

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Kimmie Kyees – Twiggy Minx Nails

Retro comes hunting you down in the form of the Twiggy Minx Nails design by Kimmie Kyees.

The simple but striking color blocks of black and white gives off a retro kick that is always going to be popular…not only that but the tiny stripe of silver between the monochrome theme is something you just cannot achieve with a polish…and gives a perfect finish to the dimensional design.

Twiggy | Minx Nails

Top nail stylist to the stars Kimmie Kyees detailed “Color blocking has been a big trend and I did a variation of this pattern in colors for Katy Perry’s ghd advertisement,”

Nice to know we too can achieve nails à la miss Katy P!

Check out the design in our Minx Nails gallery or order your Twiggy‘s in with your Minx Nails stylist today!

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Rihanna – Where Have You Been

So,…. if you haven’t seen the new Rihanna video then ‘Where Have You Been’ !!?  It is super uber hot with a huge sexy cherry on top!

RiRi grinds into several different scenes throughout the voodoo vibed video from a swamp, dressed in almost nothing but body tattoos & Minx to picking up the beat with an entourage of male tribe dancers.

Kimmie Kyees, one of LA’s top celebrity nail stylists joined Rihanna on set to prep her for filming. Kimmie has her own signature Minx Nails collection of which she applied ‘Lustrous Lizard’ to RiRi,  a sizzling electric scarlet snakeskin with a hologram base that sets off hues of iridescent greens and yellows.

Image by Kimmie Kyees

An extraordinary effect on the nails of an extroardinary woman….

And because you’re so super special, you too can get the same design in your nearest salon offering Minx Nails! Just check our nail stylist locator and request Lustrous Lizard by Kimmie Kyees…….Boom!

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Vivienne Westwood | Gold Label F/W 2012

Dame Vivienne Westwood loves London. She loves the culture. You feel really that with her latest collection ‘London’. Her burning trademark tartan, sensual draped and caped bodies, 17th century London with a Westwood twist incorporating United Jack prints, delicious platforms I’m sure Prince would have difficulty walking in all wrapped up with the Dames beyond expert tailoring and an urban beat.


On March 3rd 2012 Minx were proud as punch to be part of the British designers Fall/Winter Gold Label 2012 collection at Quai d’Austerlitz during Paris Fashion Week.


“We had created custom Minx for Vivienne Westwood’s Red Label collection last month in London,” explained Minx co-founder Dawn Lynch-Goodwin, “and were thrilled when Vivienne and her husband Andreas Kronthaler asked us to again create a custom look for her Gold Label show in Paris.”


The Minxes worked with the visions sent from Westwood HQ including their key color themes and swatches, resulting in magnificence!


 “Vivienne and Andreas wanted the nail fashion to be very sleek, glamorous and classy,” said Dawn, “so we also imbued the custom Minx with a unique reflective quality that looked very luxurious.”


Teaming this with the saintly ‘cherubs from the Sistine chapel’ makeup by MAC artist Val Garland and tousled ‘lived in’ hair by Sam McKnight for Pantene the overall look was every cinch ‘Gold’ and ‘London’ as the grand show promised.


UK nail guru Marian Newman led her team of Adam Slee, David Barton, Monica Ropihol, Jane Emerson, and Delphine Aissi that applied Minx to the models for the show.


Images : Philippe Ardouin.

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Inspired by Japan

People of Japan have held onto their heads, and used their hearts to build back their lives and strength after 2011’s natural disasters.  Although the rebuilding continues it didn’t take long for the country to bloom back with support from all over the world – one area including major majestic fashion activity to encourage commerce and lift broken spirits.

First and notably was Japan’s first ever Fashion’s Night Out brought to Tokyo by Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Condé Nast International. That not being the only thing to be a first, but the gathering of all 17 International Vogue editors, to pose for a group portrait.

“All of the editors of Vogue in the world have come to Tokyo today. We come here to show our respect for Japan, to give support to Japan, and to say thank you to Japan for inspiring us.” announced Newhouse.

 True to that the Fashion’s Night Out which was originally created by US Vogue editor Anna Wintour some years ago for the principle purpose of supporting and celebrating fashion bringing sweet rapture to everyone; shoppers, designers and retailers. “Japanese people are the foremost consumers of fashion and luxury goods in the world”

Minx was proud to be a part of Japan’s FNO, by joining Marc by Marc Jacobs at their store in the famed Harajuku shopping district. On Saturday 5th November 2011 Minx educator Kanako Shimoshige joined Ayako Tamura and their team STHANU to give novelty Minx manicures for Marc by Marc Jacobs customers. The ‘One Night Stand’ designs were the same that were exclusive to Marc by Marc Jacob’s customers at FNO New York last September. The striking 5 designs that were spun from his Fall Collection were almost too desirable with people joining the queue even after the announcement of closure had been called.

This reaction was exactly the same as it had been in New York with customers making last minute Marc by Marc Jacobs purchase’s just so they could get a matching Minx manicure! Sought after!

Then for the Fall 2011 issue of Japan’s WWD magazine, Sthanu Salon’s Kanako Shimoshige applied the Blue with Silver Moon Minx for the feature, which also noted the Minx used at Alexander McQueen last season.

Not to stop there, nail stylist Kanako was called upon to be involved with a whimsical and brilliant coverage in the December issue of request Q/J which made for one of the most unforgettable spreads I have seen of all 2011!

Based around famous monsters, Gaga would have loved this one!

Minx made its mark on the stylist, models and photographer as Kanako explained “Minx is such a great product for any photo shoot because of the infinite number of looks you can achieve, and the fact that it takes such a short time to apply and does not require any drying time,”

  “All the models wanted to keep their Minx on after the shoot!”

The shoot ‘Party Monsters’ was produced by hair stylist Yuki Tanaka and photographed by Syuichi Tsunoda who by the way is a remarkable talent. 


All this and more! We look forward to what Japan has on store for us in 2012!

For Minx in Japan contact www.minxnails.co.jp

 You can continue to support Japan through the Red Cross via Facebook.

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A Korean Dream

A new year has arrived and we look forward to all the Minxiness to come. In the meantime let me bring to you the exciting news from across the seas, this week I would like you to focus on Korea.

Minx Korea to be specific, and just where do I begin?

October brought us Seoul Fashion Week, in which Minx was the chosen accent for collections by PushButton and designers Steve J & Yoni P.

Showcased at the SETEC in Seoul, Korean designers presented their Spring/Summer 2012 collections on October 19th 2011.

PushButton are a ‘splash with cold water in the face’ fresh, feminine, tied up with an all important urban ribbon, with continued mentions in all the influential fashion magazines from Nylon to Vogue.

Just a few days before the main event Minx Korea nail stylists Erica Kim and Jane Kim met Pushbuttons’ designer Seung-Gun Park at a makeup demonstration meeting. They saw – they wanted!

 “The meeting with Minx Korea was amazing. I wanted to use Minx nails on my show from the first time I heard about Minx from one of my friends, and it was a fortunate coincidence that Erica Kim called me shortly afterward to introduce herself and Minx Korea,” added Seung-Gun Park. 

This led to the PushButton designer choosing a number of Minx designs, each one allotted to a specific collective, bringing us a feisty punch of Oil Slick, Yellow Chrome, Orange Chrome, Aqua Chrome, Blue Lightning and MinxLusion….I know….fabulous right!?

The concept of the show being “true happiness for women” made sense to me – just watch & feel below.


Of course with any fashion show – a stellar team was needed to Minx the seventeen models. Assisting leading celebrity nail stylist Jinny Kim was Erica Kim, Jane Kim, Helena Kim and Jennifer Lee. 

Next came the internationally known and loved Steve J and Yoni P. This couple and co designer duo, once noted ‘ones to watch’ by Vogue.com are now seriously… being watched! Trendsetters making their mark with magazine cover after cover and hailing collaborations with Topshop to L’Oreal.

Once again Erica Kim and Jane Kim made their way to a meeting a week prior to catwalk presentation with the talented duo. Jane applied various Minx designs to Yoni’s nails, which sparked her enthusiasm to use Silver Lightning and French Manicure Silver Lightning to complete the collection noting that the chrome finish would compliment all 35 looks. The 5 models wearing sandals would also be Minxed with Silver Lighting on their toes – no corners cut!







Some of the biggest modeling names in Korea walked for Steve J & Yoni P including Hyoni Kang, Hyun-Yi Lee and Hye Jin Han. Whispers were heard among the modeling circle that Minx was “the most chic nail style” they had ever had! *smiles*    

Once again Jinny led her golden team of Erica Kim, Jane Kim, Helena Kim and Jennifer Lee to the skies! “The show was truly hectic as we had to Minx three different model’s hands each in just 10 minutes,” said Jinny Kim “The staff at the show were so surprised that we actually completed all the models’ nails and were very impressed by how quickly we could apply Minx – especially since it didn’t require any drying time.”   

A flash of brilliance for fashion once again, let us see what 2012 will bring us on the Korean catwalk…hopefully a lot more Minxes!  

Above – Nail stylists deelite – Helena Kim, Jane Kim, Erica Kim, Jinny Kim, Jennifer Kim

Images by Jin Young Kim.


Just to coat the cake with a scrumptious irresistible icing, December’s issue of Harpers Bazaar Korea flew off the shelves with one memorable cover. World famous figure skating star Yuna Kim became Harpers Bazaar cover girl for the issue and not only got to flash us with a Louis Vuitton clad body, she stopped out hearts by flaunting opulent Minx Nails.

Top Korean nail stylists Jinny Kim and Erica Kim joined the Harpers Bazaar editor to find the Minx style that would make the winter issue POP finally deciding on Red Lightning Minx. The shoot began and with the nail stylists on hand, it was noted quickly that the Red Lightning Minx that had been chosen was indeed beautiful but could be altered for the better. 

Jinny felt that the Louis Vuitton golden accessories of bangles, rings and necklaces would fuse unconditionally with Gold Lightning Minx. So – in no time at all, like a fairy godmother waving her wand – the Minx that appeared on the Harpers Bazaar cover were in fact Gold Lightning Minx! *of course they kept a Red Lightning issue too!* Surprising staff along the way of the swift time Minx takes to apply and change if need be, with no drying time! 


For more information about Minx Korea contact http://minxkorea.com/

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Minx Me into the New Year!

Get the right style for the New Year with our fresh Minx Nails designs- thee ultimate, unique & show stopping accessory!!

Have a Minxy New Year


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‘Scratch’ Annual Front Cover Winner | Minxed

Imagine our delight when our December issue of Scratch Magazine popped through the letter box this month with a delicious Christmas treat hidden within the covers. The top leading UK nail magazine threw its annual Front Cover competition in the air and guess which cover won with a massive gust?! … You got it!

Scratch Magazines July 2010  cover featuring Polish model Isabella Marino wearing Black with Red Flames Minx Nails, in a seductive ‘shhhh’ pose complete with a Red Lightning like masquerade mask.

MMmmmm…..you will go to the ball! Thank you to everyone that voted!


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GMHC Fashion Forward | 2011

Where would you find a diamond studded delicious blend of designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Chris Benz , Thom Browne, Marlon Gobel, Sally LaPointe, Zang Toi, Timo Weiland, and VPL plus a giant handful of famous modeling personalities topped with cherries like the fab Bryan Boy.….whipped up in one room together for one super fashion frenzy for one special cause??

I’ll tell you where.

For the fifth year now, GMHC FASHION FORWARD supported by Bank of America, once again brings the top designers together to bring awareness and grow the support for the fight against AIDS.

The evening was showcased at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City and hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross & Brad Goreski on November 17th 2011.

There to bring the Minx twist to each designer’s collection was top nail stylist Dawn Sterling for Starworks. “The stylist wanted to use different stand out effects on the nails to compliment each designer” stated Dawn on her decision to use Minx.

After being booked in to provide the nail glamour for the initial GMHC commercial, Dawn was asks to return for the main event.

With 70 models to Minx in 3 hours, Dawn had her work cut out for her! For that – she needed a winning team and a great system. Dawn led her team to a grand success made up of Julie Kandalec, Candice Idehen , Joy and Danielle of Nail Taxi with her fab nail stylist team!

We were completely in awe of the amount of hard work that must have gone into this event! We just had to get a few moments of Dawn time.

Minx – How did you prepare for the Fashion Forward event?

DS – I talked to the stylist before the show and she gave me direction. I looked at the designers pieces and we made magic!

Minx – oh…yes you did! But how did you decide which Minx designs to use?

DS – Each minx complemented each piece. We used the $100 money Minx for Tom Brown for example and the two-tone red and half moon clear Minx for Jean Paul Gaultier.  

Minx –   Which designer ‘wowed’ you?

DS – They all did honestly!  Marlon Gobel had adorned fruit piece’s which was great to Chris Benz’s funky numbers…his pink hues and pale lips kept the crowd eyes glued to the runway.

Minx – Was it as glamorous backstage as would like to imagine?

DS – *Lol* glamorous?!! Yes, all beautiful artists hard at work….sweating…. running back and forth around the tables…keeping their eyes on the clock! It was all worth the pressure in the end! Hours of prep to give the world an amazing show! 

Minx – Agreed!! So, what was the secret to your system? 

DS – We had no pre appointments, we just worked together. I split my team up….some were only to do nail extensions and each group was dedicated to one designer.

Minx – What is your advice to any nail stylist using Minx backstage in a fashion show environment?

DS – Keep your Minx heating up under your Minx Heat while you go from model to model, using a mini hairdryer in between.

Minx – Do you have any advice for nail stylists that would love to reach fashion stages?

DS – Let your passion drive you and everything else will come!

Minx – What was the overall response to the presence of Minx?

DS – Host Tracy Ellis Ross thanked Minx as she was speaking. They stood out so much and added a special finish to each designer’s collection! 

Minx – Amazing! Thanks for an awesome insight Dawn, we know your advice will help other nail stylists in their own ventures of grasping fashion & their dreams by both of their Minxed fingertips!

For Dawn’s services contact her direct at Nailglam@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @nailsbydawn

Images by Michael Ching

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