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Gaga in a Barney Wonderland

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta created something beautifully distinctive and exhilarating four years ago, not stepping – but charging out; a unique and inspirational Lady Gaga. Not only does Lady Gaga hold the title of being one of the best selling artists of all time but this irreplaceable creator of mass following has led her little monsters to believe in greater things than fame to showing how contributing and supporting important and crucial aids can help the world and better yourself.

This is why she continues to be a muse, not only to designers, fans and music makers…but now to the elite Barneys New York. The special editions that create GAGA’S WORKSHOP are for a limited time only via the titillating entire floor devoted to the project! *gulp…I feel I need an entire year to absorb each item sitting in this garden of Gaga*

Barneys worked closely with stellar Lady Gaga under the creative directive eye of Nicola Formechetti and have come up with the most insanely innovative pieces you could ever wish to receive from Papa Christmas! From chocolate Poker Chips with a Poker Faces *trèsnécessaires* to the legendary Mickey Mouse Sunglasses to Alexander McQueen Armadillo shoe shaped earrings in 3 POP colors! You need to see to believe how amazing it is!

But the pièce de résistance for us – of course – is the 2 outstanding Minx Nails Limited Editions, Designed by Naomi Yasuda, one of Lady G’s nail stylists.

 Naomi was contacted at the end of August about being involved, and of course armed with a positive reply began to work on a series of different nail coatings which represent and scream GAGA, 2 of which became enthralling Minx Nails designs.

“I’ve always loved using Minx, it gives a really unique texture to looks, and I thought Gaga fans would love it” 

Inspiration seems to have flowed for Naomi with the same stimulus as Gaga, icons such as David Bowie, Debbie Harry, Madonna to name a few incorporating those 80’s vibes whilst channeling early Gaga looks and Gaga’s special extract of eighties glam! 

What did Naomi enjoy most about Minx? “Creative Freedom” spun Naomi,

Minx can produce any print, so the idea that I was creating something that would reach such a large audience was exciting as well”

 What a job eh?! You couldn’t think there was a moment of despair? Shoot to Naomi making the decision of which Minx to use! Equipped with 20 designs for the final Barneys meeting, decisions were made! And we are just ecstatic about them! 

“Gaga is unique, strong and elegant. I wanted the designs to reflect these characteristics and give fans the opportunity to wear bold nails that embody her aesthetic” Naomi Yasuda. 

Mission accomplished! 

25% of sales go to the Born This Way Foundation  which you can sign up to by following the link. 

Don’t worry if you’re not close to Barneys for the opportunity to visit the show! Immerse yourself online and order your limited edition Lady Gaga Minx here. And don’t forget to check out www.MinxIsFashion.com for other limited editions in the world of Minx.

Find more information about Naomi Yasuda at Www.naomiyasudanyc.com


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