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GMHC Fashion Forward | 2011

Where would you find a diamond studded delicious blend of designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Chris Benz , Thom Browne, Marlon Gobel, Sally LaPointe, Zang Toi, Timo Weiland, and VPL plus a giant handful of famous modeling personalities topped with cherries like the fab Bryan Boy.….whipped up in one room together for one super fashion frenzy for one special cause??

I’ll tell you where.

For the fifth year now, GMHC FASHION FORWARD supported by Bank of America, once again brings the top designers together to bring awareness and grow the support for the fight against AIDS.

The evening was showcased at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City and hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross & Brad Goreski on November 17th 2011.

There to bring the Minx twist to each designer’s collection was top nail stylist Dawn Sterling for Starworks. “The stylist wanted to use different stand out effects on the nails to compliment each designer” stated Dawn on her decision to use Minx.

After being booked in to provide the nail glamour for the initial GMHC commercial, Dawn was asks to return for the main event.

With 70 models to Minx in 3 hours, Dawn had her work cut out for her! For that – she needed a winning team and a great system. Dawn led her team to a grand success made up of Julie Kandalec, Candice Idehen , Joy and Danielle of Nail Taxi with her fab nail stylist team!

We were completely in awe of the amount of hard work that must have gone into this event! We just had to get a few moments of Dawn time.

Minx – How did you prepare for the Fashion Forward event?

DS – I talked to the stylist before the show and she gave me direction. I looked at the designers pieces and we made magic!

Minx – oh…yes you did! But how did you decide which Minx designs to use?

DS – Each minx complemented each piece. We used the $100 money Minx for Tom Brown for example and the two-tone red and half moon clear Minx for Jean Paul Gaultier.  

Minx –   Which designer ‘wowed’ you?

DS – They all did honestly!  Marlon Gobel had adorned fruit piece’s which was great to Chris Benz’s funky numbers…his pink hues and pale lips kept the crowd eyes glued to the runway.

Minx – Was it as glamorous backstage as would like to imagine?

DS – *Lol* glamorous?!! Yes, all beautiful artists hard at work….sweating…. running back and forth around the tables…keeping their eyes on the clock! It was all worth the pressure in the end! Hours of prep to give the world an amazing show! 

Minx – Agreed!! So, what was the secret to your system? 

DS – We had no pre appointments, we just worked together. I split my team up….some were only to do nail extensions and each group was dedicated to one designer.

Minx – What is your advice to any nail stylist using Minx backstage in a fashion show environment?

DS – Keep your Minx heating up under your Minx Heat while you go from model to model, using a mini hairdryer in between.

Minx – Do you have any advice for nail stylists that would love to reach fashion stages?

DS – Let your passion drive you and everything else will come!

Minx – What was the overall response to the presence of Minx?

DS – Host Tracy Ellis Ross thanked Minx as she was speaking. They stood out so much and added a special finish to each designer’s collection! 

Minx – Amazing! Thanks for an awesome insight Dawn, we know your advice will help other nail stylists in their own ventures of grasping fashion & their dreams by both of their Minxed fingertips!

For Dawn’s services contact her direct at Nailglam@gmail.com or follow her on Twitter @nailsbydawn

Images by Michael Ching

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