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Christmas has come early Minxes! We have collaborated with founder of WAH Nails…the uber cool Sharmadean Reid. If you need to understand this collab a little better, just check the WAH photo archives and all will become clear….and colorful…and magnificent!

This salon is an undisputed champion in getting every manicure right! The imagination and sheer talent that goes into every application for each individual client is paramount.

Since opening its doors in 2009 the cult east London salon has a massive attendance of loyal friends of fashion that continue to want their nails to do the talking.

Just like Minx, WAH Nails are innovators in nail design. A match made in heaven!

“Like Minx, WAH Nails has been a pioneer in translating fashion to fingertips,” said Minx co-founder Dawn Lynch-Goodwin.  “Although WAH nail artists use polish as their medium and Minx is a solid nail coating, we both share the same passion for artistry and the desire to create innovative, exciting nail fashion so our partnership was a perfect match.”    

The WAH limited edition Minx Designs are now available only at WAH Nails in the fresh and new TopShop Westfield, Stratford up until December 24, 2011, with limited availability through the MinxNails.com site afterwards.

Holla! 3 MEGA & UNIQUE designs, based around original art by the notorious salon.

Golden Tribes, Rainbow Tribes and Cosmic Comic


  “Our company is all about pushing the boundaries of what can be applied on the nail with polish and we are excited to take this even further with the innovative techniques that only Minx can achieve.” stated Sharmadean.  

The named ‘Cool brand’ WAH Nails have salons in Topshop Oxford and TopShop Stratford City.  Past collaborations have included nail designs for M.I.A., Peaches Geldof, Cher Lloyd and top designers including Marc Jacobs who we also collaborated with recently.

I definitely need a piece of this pie! I have travelled all the way to London before for a manicure by WAH and I know I will again!

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