The Meaning Behind the Minx Symbol

When you follow a dream it is like jumping in a river, you do not know where it will take you. Dawn and I have had a roller coaster adventure following our dream of Minx including some very rough times. We made the Minx symbol to be a reminder to us that everything is going to be ok!

In the center of the symbol is a wheel of fortune which is the key to happiness and bliss. The rim of the wheel represents material things such as fame, wealth, health, social status, work and play. If attached to the rim of the wheel of fortune it is said you will be either above going down or at the bottom coming up. But if you are at the hub you are at the same place all the time. Centered and balanced.

The wheel of fortune is held in the center of the circle by two phoenixes which represent Dawn and me. They are a reminder that what may feel like a total disaster is part of changing into something way cooler.

The circle is a mandala, with a bit of Minx mojo magic. Joseph Campbell says of circles, “When a magician wants to work magic he puts a circle around himself and it is within this bounded circle that the powers can be brought into play that are lost outside the circle.”

I hope the Minx symbol gives you strength, hope, balance and a bit of Minx mojo magic!