Fashion Shows and Car Racing

Fashion season is here just as the car racing season is coming to a close. I have assisted with fashion shows around the world that Minx sponsors. I have also crewed for both car and motorcycle races in the USA, Puerto Rico and Mexico and Minx sponsors a race team.

The similarity of the two amazes me, check it out!  A fashion show normally lasts less than 30 minutes, designers often start working on their next collections the day after the show,  They need a team around them and need to pay attention to every detail.  If they or their team misses one of the details like not having the models nails done it is a disaster.  Models are going from show to show and they come with whatever color/design the previous shows nail stylist put on them, often clashing with the designers’ collection.

A racer also spends all year prepping for the race and needs a team to support him/her.  If the driver overlooks a detail it is also critical.  The graphics on a car or bike include the sponsors logos if overlooked the team can lose their funding.  Forgetting to gas up can cost them a race. 

Backstage of the fashion show you have about an hour to Minx all the models. Sometimes the designer has chosen different designs for specific models. The models are in the process of hair, makeup and outfitting you need to get to them and get their Minx on, similar to a pit stop at the race track.  You have to be prepared for every situation.  I have applied Minx to models while scrunched underneath a table and Minxed models toes when they are lined up to walk onto the runway.  I have also helped weld a piece of crow bar onto a racecar to replace a broken part.  Anything goes to get it done!

Once the models are on the runway or the cars on the track I rush to watch the show/race, I am at the edge of my seat, hoping everything will be perfect!  When the show is over there is champagne

then clean up-we are packed up and on to the next show within 30 minutes.

If you are fortunate enough to podium at the races you also get champagne then it is off to the pits to pack up and get ready for the next race.

The big difference between fashion shows and car racing is at the fashion shows we drink our champagne!