Minx Sales Soar!


ReMinx launched July 1st and we are happy to report our web sales soared by over 300%!

In the beginning of the year Minx partnered with Taylor & Pond for a Minx makeover.

Taylor & Pond created a new website, and took over social media and the brand image. I was in charge of developing a new formula that could be applied easier so we could offer Minx to both consumers and professionals.

I also “touched everything” at Minx. How we manufacture, quality control, accounting, purchasing, research and development and customer support, every aspect of the business I went over to increase performance. I learned from the hi tech industry I worked in for over 18 years that this process is very important to keep a company lean, mean and profitable.

Every company I have managed or own I always pay close attention to the numbers but if you don’t on occasion follow them down to where you see the products in inventory and the bills for the raw materials you can be mislead by them.

While I have been ReMinxing Minx, Inc. Taylor & Pond worked on the brand identity and the facelift. I have known Cindy the owner of Taylor & Pond for years through the Women’s President Organization; her company is similar to Minx in that both have pioneered new industries, Minx with the nail wraps and Taylor & Pond with websites and social media.