The Black Dress

Since inventing the solid nail coating now called Minx I have struggled to verbally describe Minx and how it is the epitome of a fashion statement.

Then one night in Italy I was listening to a Jazz jam session and a singer approached the stage. She was beautiful. I could not tell what nationality she was. It was as if she was from the ancients when there was no prejudice of hair, eye or skin tone.

She wore a plain black dress.

In the background, there was none, just a smoky gray. And there she stood.


Black dress.


Then your eyes are drawn to her nails.

Pink & black checkers-she is a Cali surfer/skater girl.

Nails of Golden Lightning-jewelry on her fingertips she is a classy lady of wealth.

Pink ribbon Minx-a woman with a mission and a story.

Cheetah Minx-she is ready for a wild time!

What she is feeling she expresses on her nails. Her fashion statement.

Monday morning she safely and quickly removes her Minx and puts her black dress back in the closet. Like Clark Kent she slips into her business suit and applies a Minx French manicure to blend in.