Lady Gaga, The Naja, and Minx

Back in 2008 when Minx was just starting up Dawn and I were introduced by our friend Ramin to Naja (nail stylist in the show LA Hair) an up and coming celebrity manicurist. She quickly took to Minx and was one of the first to offer it in her salon in Hollywood.

One day I get a call from her. She tells me she has a client who wanted some custom Minx, her client was not a known celebrity but she explained that she had a huge following on MySpace, had a great energy and Naja felt she could be the next Madonna. Her client had sketched out what she wanted, nails that looked like broken glass and we made them for her at no charge.

Naja’s client really appreciated it and next time she was Minxed she posted about it on her MySpace and her website. As her fame grew she continued to wear Minx which soon graced covers of magazines and her album covers.

Her name is Lady Gaga. I think Naja was right about her.