The Minx’s Minx Speaks

She was a playful girl who always wore a smirk and had a glint of humor in her light brown eyes. She played with the boys and would often tease them with her beauty and wit.

Underneath her abaya she loved to dress up and looked forward to her families house parties where she could openly wear whatever she wanted. She respected the laws of her religion and country and covered up whenever she went in public. But she longed to be able to express herself in public and meet like minded friends.

One day walking through her university she saw a flash of gold on the hands of a fellow student, it was too much to be jewelry and she ran after her to find out more. The student had visited the US where Minx nail fashion was the big rage. She had brought Minx designs back with her and invited the girl to join her to get Minxed. They soon discovered they shared a similar passion for fashion and quickly became good friends.

The next day the girl was shopping when someone grabbed her hand, pointing excitedly to her fuchsia and silver fishnet Minx. The girl looked in the strangers eyes; she had a glint of humor in them. The girl smiled and spoke about Minx.